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Winbox Thailand Rewards

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

winbox thailand rewards

Register now to get a free account with Winbox Thailand here to enjoy the first time top-up reward.

Start time 1-12-2021 12:00PM (GMT+7)

End Time 15-12-2021 12:00PM (GMT+7)

First time top-up Event Reward

Enjoy 50% extra rewards (extra rewards maximum 500 THB)

Amount of first time top up

100 (THB) can enjoy extra 50 (THB) 200 (THB) can enjoy extra 100 (THB) 300 (THB) can enjoy extra 150 (THB) 500 (THB) can enjoy extra 250 (THB)

1,000 (THB) and above can enjoy extra 500 (THB)

Terms and conditions of Event

👉 Participate the event and complete the first time top-up to get 50% extra reward. Reward up to 500 THB.

👉 Top-up must be the same with the real-name authentication. Top-up's bank account name must be the same with the submitted real-name authentication in order to enjoy the first time top-up reward (platform support instant top-up ).

👉A real-name authentication bank account can only get the first time top-up event reward once.

👉First time top up event available for online banking only, ATM machine deposit top up is not accepted.

👉The first time top-up reward needs to spend ( x1) turnover in order to withdraw.

👉All event rewards are automatically issued through the system and expected to transfer into account within 10 minutes. For one time only.

👉If there is network error problem and the transaction is delayed, players may contact online customer service.

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