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How To Start Register With WinBox Casino


winbox casino

Step 1 : Please click "Me" below.

步骤 1  : 请点击下方的“我”

Step 2 : Please click "Setting" 

步骤  2 : 点击“設置”

Step 3 : Please click "Referrer" 

步骤  3 : 点击“推荐人”

Step 4 :Scan QR code

步骤  4 : 掃描二維碼

Step 5 :Please click "Next" success

步骤  5 : 点击“下一步” 完成

winbox register
Alternatively, you may also click here to register if you unable to scan the QR to register for Winbox Here

Alternatively to register a Winbox Casino Account, below is the details steps that you can follow:


A free app called "WINBOX" is available for download

Visit Winbox Casino's official website to download the "WINBOX" app

After you have installed “WINBOX” on your phone, you must create your own account for WINBOX

You can scan the recommender QR code or export the QR code directly from your album by clicking the "New User Registration" button

Unless you have a referrer, you will need to register as a visitor. Please click the "Register as a Visitor" button below.


Creating a custom UID for Windows Box

Log in to APP WINBOX using your UID username

To register, you must create a new login ID and create a password

Identifiers last three characters cannot be all numbers, and the first character of the identifier must be a letter (a-z) and the length of the identifier must be at least six characters and a maximum of fifteen characters. As an example: abcd88 or abc1d23

Passwords need to be at least six characters long. They can either be numbers all the way through or letters and numbers. (For eg: 123488 or abc123)


The importance of binding your phone number and email address

Set your UID and password once you have completed the process.

The binding page will appear after clicking "Next"

To receive the verification code, enter your mobile phone number or email address

Your WINBOX account has been created once you complete all the above steps.

Top-ups and withdrawals at WINBOX casino are the safest and most reliable in Malaysia, more convenient and safer than other casinos. The WINBOX company's first introduction of Malaysia's top technology is the self-service top-up system, 6-digit security code withdrawal service, and QR code scan code transfer.
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