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Winbox Casino 365 TREASURE HUNTER

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Winbox 365 Treasure Hunter

Exciting Winbox Casino Event and Huge Prices Give Away : 365 TREASURE HUNTER

Any players who hunt treasure boxes in LUCKY 365 may win an extra cash reward.

Prize up to MYR 68,000.00

For more information please register a free Winbox Casino Account , and click "365 Treasure Hunter" on your apps,


Top Twenty highest prizes in a single game in any LUCKY 365 games (Excluding Jackpot) will be entitled to join the Championship List by the system.

Prize up to MYR 180,888.00


For more information please visit " 365 Monthly Championship" after you login to your apps, if not not sure how to start to register a winbox free account, click here for more information for details steps how you can register a free Winbox casino account here

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